January 13, 2010

Why Choose the Positive Success Group Accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching in Glasgow?

There are seven fantastic reasons why candidates are choosing the Scottish Executive & Life Coaching Diploma delivered in Glasgow

  1. Develop unprecedented levels of self awareness that enables you to make decisions that fit with your own way of doing things.
  2. Build your own self esteem & confidence levels. Techniques embraced on the Diploma result in a big positive shift in this area.
  3. The Scottish Diploma acts as a vehicle for change and transformation. The assignments, learning & coaching on the programme result in a six months transformational effect. This effect allows a lifelong tool kit for life & career management.
  4. To become better able to manage all your relationships leading to improved chances for your own success in life & career.
  5. The Scottish Diploma is transferrable to organisational coaching in addition to life coaching. This leads to better results at work for many candidates.
  6. Rigorous coaching through the diploma & in depth understanding leads to phenomenal coaching capability.
  7. To become a coach & for this to be your business & career if this is your choice. For it to greatly influence whatever career you choose depending on your choice.
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