February 25, 2010

Life coach certificate

The life coach certificate is in your possession so exactly what area of coaching do you concentrate on after you have successfully completed the Accredited Diploma?  You are now qualified to take your coaching skills into the outside world and professionally work with and help your clients achieve their goals in both their personal and professional lives. It will be very much an exciting voyage of discovery for yourself as an aspiring practitioner.

You will become conversant with the many areas with which a Life coach is able to provide a service to their clients – not only with their business skill-sets but also with supporting the clients personal aspirations and desire for change within their own lifestyle.

Acquiring the life coach certificate is only the start. You will undoubtedly gain practical experience as you practise and acquire and then transmit a library of knowledge to your future clients in an informative manner. But you will realise that to be an effective as a coach you must ask the pertinent questions that allows the client to find solutions by using their own thought processes. We are not looking for answers – we are seeking to improve the quality of thinking from the coachee which should manifest then itself in increasing the quality of both their actions and decisions.

So look forward to using your life coach certificate to launch your coaching career with confidence, relish the challenges ahead and prepare to learn a great deal about yourself as you marvel at your ability to equip people with the ways and means of moving forward more confidently and positively.  Job satisfaction at its best.

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