February 22, 2010

Life Coaching Training

Life Coaching Training, What are the aims and what makes it different?

Why would you seek out Life Coaching training, for yourself or for someone else? Probably because you are seeking one of two benefits of Life Coaching training – you want something more or want something different: More of what is good or different from what you have got. Frequently it will turn out to be both.

Why choose life coaching training, rather than another form of help?

Different kinds of help, deliver different benefits. Therefore it is useful to match up what you want, with the correct type of training, which will give you the correct tools and applications for the job.

If you want to work with people that have personal issues from the past, painful feelings or interpersonal aggravations and conflicts to sort out, counselling or therapy training may be the most effective way to go.

If you want to work with people that need to learn or develop a particular skill, you might seek out specific training for that skill.

If you want to work with people that need ongoing guidance while on–the-job and input from someone who has specific subject expertise you would most likely gain from having a mentor.

So what gives Life Coaching training the edge?

Often life coaching training is chosen because it commits to rapid results. Sometimes going down the life coaching route suggests itself because it is not entirely clear what is needed to sort things out or to help someone already doing well to really start performing.
Life Coaching delivers success by using particular tools such as effective communication and facilitation of learning and results.

What will be the relationship between the Life Coach and the client?

During life coaching training, you will see that the role between them is based on equality between coach and client – the expertise of the coach is a skill in the process of helping, rather than an expertise in a particular field.
When you engage with your life coach you are retaining your ability to choose what to focus on and to decide what course of action to take. You are proactive in the process. During life coaching training, your Coach will provide assistance, challenge you and encourage you, rather than direct, advise or teach.

Who benefits from attending Life Coaching training?

Often when people seek a life coach they are ready for a change. When people are feeling unfulfilled in their life, being given access to a life coach can be really good boost to morale. Life Coaching helps clients to address what is difficult and what is there to enjoy about what comes easily. The Scottish character sometimes makes it hard to accept your own good points, as it is to learn to take criticism as useful feedback.

Life coaching does not dodge the need for either characteristic.  Any person who then sees themselves with greater objectivity and clarity will derive the most benefit from attending the courses.

What types of life coaching training are available in Scotland ?

Life Coaching training is available through the auspices of the Positive Success Group with the courses throughout the year. For details please refer to the main PSG Scotland website.

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