March 26, 2010

Coaching certification

Coaching certification : What to take into account when choosing a  Coaching  course to enhance your CV

Coaching certification? You may have come across the term on the training options lists sent down by the Human Resource department each month for managers to consider for their staff.
Or you may have seen advertisements in personnel journals listing the benefits of completing a course of studies.

Your first instinct will be to try and place it within your existing training portfolio and make preliminary investigation of the qualifications framework and the validation process of the awarding body.

That is why we recommend that when considering coaching certification that you or your company thoroughly investigate that the provider is aligned to a National Occupation standard or other Professional body standards as appropriate to the group award schemes.
Also satisfy yourself that the accreditation has a portability that allows for   international recognition abroad as well as in Great Britain such as LBCAI, AC and/or ICF and the ILM.

We are proud to say that PSG Diploma in Life and Executive coaching certification robustly fulfils that basic criteria in that it is a nationally recognised qualification by FETAC and transfers its portability to the equivalent of a SQA Level 5 in Scotland and fully satisfies the membership criteria of the UK wide Association of Coaching ( AC ) in its length of syllabus learning, validation and quality assurance systems.

Obtaining coaching certification can be achieved in several ways but for the  person with a modern busy lifestyle, it could be a preference to chose a part time class room style mode of learning.
Developing your practitioner skills in the company of similarly well qualified individuals from similar type organisations  will be an environment of stimulating exchange of ideas and practises as you progress  through the syllabus over 7 weekends and 3 evenings as your knowledge base prospers from the modern and enlightened design principles of the Diploma in coaching.

Coaching certification will give you the important accreditation which enhances your CV and employment prospects and informs a potential employer / sponsor / lender that you have embarked and completed a rigorous Personal development course of study which qualifies you to professionally educate, advise and interact with people within all types of organisations.
It will underline and underpin your professional approach to both your personal and business life.

March 22, 2010

Becoming a Life coach

Becoming a Life coach is a concept that is becoming increasingly attractive to a lot of people not entirely satisfied by their current role within their organisation or indeed people considering a complete change of career.
While you’ve previously pondered on your choices on becoming a Life coach — you probably have researched websites and know a great deal of what it takes to become a good Life coach.

Becoming a Life coach may launch you into an exciting new business career but don’t quit your the “day job” right away. Don’t be impatient – it’s important that you give yourself time to develop a successful coaching background and for that you’ll require formal training.

With this in mind, the Positive Success Group Scotland, diploma in Life coaching is an ideal route to becoming a Life coach and offers a well researched and comprehensive syllabus enabling you to learn better, faster, and it also offers better value any other training program.

What kind of background is the ideal one in becoming a life coach?  Background profiles are wide and diverse. You may recognise that you are the type of person that friends and acquaintances consistently come to for advice and assistance — you are probably already “coaching” at a base level so have no fears.

You may have considerable business experience to pass on but intend to include a coaching slant as your selling point. Coaches emerge from a wide variety of backgrounds including:

  • Business management,
  • Retired trade union officials
  • Teaching profession ,
  • Counselling
  • Social care
  • Human resources and many others.

The best training ground is actual coaching in real world situations. You can immediately apply your learned knowledge directly with real clients. The PSG diploma syllabus allows you to put your new skills in context, try them out, and make them relative to your previous experience. In terms of practical work

  • Each student will undertake Observational sessions with highly experienced coaches and their client
  • Each student will deliver Peer coaching sessions with notes professionally recorded
  • Each student will deliver Pro bono coaching sessions with genuine clients in ‘real life’ situations with professional logs and records written up

The PSG diploma offers assistance in other areas to help in you becoming a Life coach in the shape of the following

Practical information on finance and funding, marketing and running a small business

Welcomed into a community of other coaches where you can share ideas, best practise but also discuss challenges and difficulties

A safe environment where you can coach and get valuable long term support and feedback about your coaching.

In summary , the process of becoming a coach is not the end of your learning. Far from it, it is an ongoing process – a journey without a defined end.
You will come to understand the term Lifelong Learning in this context as the more experience that you gain through coaching, the better you will become.
The more clients you coach and assist – the more you will realise that there is more to be done and more to learn. Welcome aboard.

March 11, 2010

Life Coaching Courses Scotland

Life Coaching Courses Scotland : Where can you find a Life Coaching course in Scotland to suit you ?
As word about their good reputation gets around , Life Coaching courses are increasingly being marketed in newspapers , management journals , training magazines and the Internet.
Just ‘google’ Life coaching and discover the many  organisations offering a coaching service to the public.

Scotland, like the rest of the UK and the other Eurozone economies, are going through a bumpy ride and the debate about spending cuts has the various political parties sniping away at their opponents on who has ‘the right approach’ to the issue.
But no one is denying the inevitably of public sector spending cuts,  which will undoubtedly translate in the final analysis — to the people in employment being asked to do more, working and performing even more efficiently to enable their own Organisation to keep its head above the financial watermark.

One of the new Life Coaching courses in Scotland starting soon is being introduced in Glasgow in March by Mr Ian Begbie, course director of the Positive Success Group  Scotland.
The organisation specialises in a type of learning that has proved to be a fantastic tool in other environments by removing the negative stress in obtaining better performance from employees by adopting a co-operative and proactive discussion and agreement style.

One immediate benefit for people undertaking the Business and Life Coaching course in Scotland, is the receipt of highly prized qualification , valued by employers and one which will directly impact on your career development inside your existing place of employment . It also serves as an ideal way forward to a brand new career.

Life Coaching Courses Scotland, Examples of  themes covered

  • Knowing how to look at your career perspectives
  • Being able to make decisions better
  • Understanding human behaviour and building relationships
  • Self Awareness – explore your hopes , dreams and aspirations
  • Getting balance in our lives

Seminar topics examined in the Executive coaching course in Scotland

  • Career Development
  • Team Management & Leadership Styles
  • Personal Development plans
  • Improving Decision Making
  • Responding to change

Type of people you are likely to meet on our Life Coaching Courses in Scotland

  • Ordinary people who are excited by the prospect of a new career
  • who want guidance on self improvement  and development
  • who  have a desire to improve their health and personal energy
  • who want to have more resilience and drive
  • who want to explore what exactly they are capable off

‘’We have a great team here at PSG Scotland and from previous experience we realised how beneficial it is that each course intertwines and feeds directly from each other.
The feedback sessions often reveal that the ‘softer’ Life skills can often be successfully deployed in the workplace and the seminars on work-life balance are an invaluable aid in contributing to a more able , more resourceful person coming through at the end of the course.

Also we witness the interaction between people with different backgrounds leading to stimulating debates, strong friendships forged around personal interests but also in forming business partnerships for the future. So all-round , it is an enriching and rewarding experience for all concerned –with a respected and accredited professional qualification at the end of it ’enthused Ian.

Are you ready to take your life forward in one great leap ?
Check out our Life Coaching Courses Scotland today.

March 8, 2010

Life coach courses

Life coach courses are primarily for individuals who feel the time has come for them to step forward and create a successful future for themselves.
All manner of things may have prevented them from even asking the pointed questions about themselves and their position in the world  but by enlisting the assistance of a life coach – a positive and irreversible step has been taken.

The life coach is a practioner highly skilled in helping people to envisage the possibility of making radical improvements in their lives. If your life is comfortable , but you want it to be challenging, coaching is for you!

But what do life coach courses provide for the client ? Firstly, they are not psychoanalyst sessions, they are more than a consultancy. They are more than a friendly voice to give advice at a difficult time although undoubtedly they will contain time for you to air concerns and problems.
Your Life Coach is a skilled expert, fully qualified, experienced and ready to assist their clients in releasing the full capabilities of the individual.

What are you capable of at the moment ?
We think you’ll be even better with a coach !

How will attending life coach courses achieve the above ?  The practioner will partner with you in clearly outlining what YOU want, ask the powerful questions that enable you think clearly as regards important issues,  get to the core of your value system, encouraging you to take action thereby helping you to achieve measurable success.
Whether you want assistance in achieving a specific goal, settle on a satisfying career direction, or energising your  whole environment, a Life Coach can help you be better at doing those things.

Life coach courses are specifically designed as to give clients an action–orientated partnership enabling a release of the energy and potential that lies within all of us.
You’ve been subconsciously working below your potential – it’s time to unleash the amount you’ve been holding in reserve.

March 3, 2010

Learn Life Coaching

You can learn life coaching from many Organisations where an interested individual is offered the opportunity to learn life coaching as an aid to improving their career prospects.  But care should be taken regarding what exactly is the status of the entity, their certification process and importantly is it recognised in industry?
We advise that when anyone wants to learn life coaching, is ensure the following competencies are being offered;

Meeting Ethical guidelines and Professional Standards

The life coach should demonstrate an understanding of the ethical guidelines, Professional Standards and the ability to apply them appropriately in the coaching relationship

Establishing the Coaching Agreement
The life coach should demonstrate an ability to understand what is required in the specific coaching interaction while his student learns life coaching

Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
The life coach should demonstrate an ability to create a safe, supportive environment that produces an ongoing mutual respect and trust

Active Listening
The life coach will demonstrate an ability to focus completely on what the client IS saying and IS NOT saying and to support client self expression throughout the coaching

The life coach should demonstrate an ability to ask the questions that reveal the information needed for maximum benefit for the coaching relationship and for the client

Planning and Goal Setting
The life coach should demonstrate an ability to create an effective coaching plan with the client.

When you learn life coaching from PSG Scotland, we embody those core competencies into our syllabus of learning and ensure that the learning process is rigorous and complies with professional standards and the certification process is held in the highest regard and esteem.

March 1, 2010

Coaching companies

Coaching companies has emerged as THE powerful device for assisting beleaguered management get through this part of the recession with  balance sheets if not on the canvas then barely still in the ring.
The usual tired  management method of taking a sword to process costs, cut everything in sight ( excepting their salary and bonuses of course ) get behind the barricades and pray that markets recover quickly, has been put aside in favour of something more proactive that has contributed to the prevention of the downsizing of employee numbers which had been predicted. Until now at least.

There has been a realisation that companies that stand still are doomed. Organisations that do not respond quickly to change are going to regress. All great companies have had to adapt to changing circumstances and acted proactively in seeking out their future markets.

In every sector we see Business in a state of transition, responding to changes in the conditions of their traditional markets, having to think and work globally, prosper in cyberspace and face the emergence of new vibrant competition at every turn. In other words, the leaders of modern Organisation have to face and cope with new challenges on a daily basis to enable their company to survive.

The timetable for coaching companies more than likely involves the business coach to be called in as a reactive response to a damaging occurrence  that the existing  management had previously ignored and the company has now been forced to confront. It may be the emergence of

global competition – operating under more favourable business conditions,

changes in technology,

changing demands of customers,

distribution difficulties, all sorts of threats.

The external coaches are summoned, given the brief and the authority and asked to identify how management can respond with what they already have at their disposal.

Coaching companies and their management in the initial phase at least, lends itself to the existing general culture being examined and a future central philosophy being agreed with senior management.
Something has usually being going wrong with the Balance sheet so there is usually a need for a generalised culture audit whereby the business coach contributes in full to drawing up a checklist for areas of potential coaching improvements with regard to

Organisational Objectives,

Recruitment and induction,

Performance Review

Employee Development,


Advertising and Marketing

All these process areas make a significant contribution to what is being produced by the Company but the coaching audit should enable failing established practises within them , corporate hierarchies and out of date l methods to be vigorously challenged and debated,  encouraging and allowing new ideas from the bottom up to be planted and nurtured inside the managements mindset.
But underlying all the reviews and new thinking, is the requirement to put the organisations people at the very centre of all cultural changes that need to take place.

Coaching companies can by the very action of kickstarting a human resources process – can assist in ensuring that the skilled and sympathetic development of the organisations existing workforce – not radical costly redevelopment of its other processes — has the quickest and most durable effect on a company’s balance sheet. And that is a concept which will warm the heart of all the Organisations senior decision makers.

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