March 26, 2010

Coaching certification

Coaching certification : What to take into account when choosing a  Coaching  course to enhance your CV

Coaching certification? You may have come across the term on the training options lists sent down by the Human Resource department each month for managers to consider for their staff.
Or you may have seen advertisements in personnel journals listing the benefits of completing a course of studies.

Your first instinct will be to try and place it within your existing training portfolio and make preliminary investigation of the qualifications framework and the validation process of the awarding body.

That is why we recommend that when considering coaching certification that you or your company thoroughly investigate that the provider is aligned to a National Occupation standard or other Professional body standards as appropriate to the group award schemes.
Also satisfy yourself that the accreditation has a portability that allows for   international recognition abroad as well as in Great Britain such as LBCAI, AC and/or ICF and the ILM.

We are proud to say that PSG Diploma in Life and Executive coaching certification robustly fulfils that basic criteria in that it is a nationally recognised qualification by FETAC and transfers its portability to the equivalent of a SQA Level 5 in Scotland and fully satisfies the membership criteria of the UK wide Association of Coaching ( AC ) in its length of syllabus learning, validation and quality assurance systems.

Obtaining coaching certification can be achieved in several ways but for the  person with a modern busy lifestyle, it could be a preference to chose a part time class room style mode of learning.
Developing your practitioner skills in the company of similarly well qualified individuals from similar type organisations  will be an environment of stimulating exchange of ideas and practises as you progress  through the syllabus over 7 weekends and 3 evenings as your knowledge base prospers from the modern and enlightened design principles of the Diploma in coaching.

Coaching certification will give you the important accreditation which enhances your CV and employment prospects and informs a potential employer / sponsor / lender that you have embarked and completed a rigorous Personal development course of study which qualifies you to professionally educate, advise and interact with people within all types of organisations.
It will underline and underpin your professional approach to both your personal and business life.

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