March 1, 2010

Coaching companies

Coaching companies has emerged as THE powerful device for assisting beleaguered management get through this part of the recession with  balance sheets if not on the canvas then barely still in the ring.
The usual tired  management method of taking a sword to process costs, cut everything in sight ( excepting their salary and bonuses of course ) get behind the barricades and pray that markets recover quickly, has been put aside in favour of something more proactive that has contributed to the prevention of the downsizing of employee numbers which had been predicted. Until now at least.

There has been a realisation that companies that stand still are doomed. Organisations that do not respond quickly to change are going to regress. All great companies have had to adapt to changing circumstances and acted proactively in seeking out their future markets.

In every sector we see Business in a state of transition, responding to changes in the conditions of their traditional markets, having to think and work globally, prosper in cyberspace and face the emergence of new vibrant competition at every turn. In other words, the leaders of modern Organisation have to face and cope with new challenges on a daily basis to enable their company to survive.

The timetable for coaching companies more than likely involves the business coach to be called in as a reactive response to a damaging occurrence  that the existing  management had previously ignored and the company has now been forced to confront. It may be the emergence of

global competition – operating under more favourable business conditions,

changes in technology,

changing demands of customers,

distribution difficulties, all sorts of threats.

The external coaches are summoned, given the brief and the authority and asked to identify how management can respond with what they already have at their disposal.

Coaching companies and their management in the initial phase at least, lends itself to the existing general culture being examined and a future central philosophy being agreed with senior management.
Something has usually being going wrong with the Balance sheet so there is usually a need for a generalised culture audit whereby the business coach contributes in full to drawing up a checklist for areas of potential coaching improvements with regard to

Organisational Objectives,

Recruitment and induction,

Performance Review

Employee Development,


Advertising and Marketing

All these process areas make a significant contribution to what is being produced by the Company but the coaching audit should enable failing established practises within them , corporate hierarchies and out of date l methods to be vigorously challenged and debated,  encouraging and allowing new ideas from the bottom up to be planted and nurtured inside the managements mindset.
But underlying all the reviews and new thinking, is the requirement to put the organisations people at the very centre of all cultural changes that need to take place.

Coaching companies can by the very action of kickstarting a human resources process – can assist in ensuring that the skilled and sympathetic development of the organisations existing workforce – not radical costly redevelopment of its other processes — has the quickest and most durable effect on a company’s balance sheet. And that is a concept which will warm the heart of all the Organisations senior decision makers.

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