April 30, 2010

Life Coach Business

A Life coach business? Ever thought of embarking on a completely new career and building a life coach business from scratch?
People become coaches for a variety of reasons but most commonly many people enter the life coaching profession having enjoyed the experience of being coached first and then feeling a great motivation to help others in a similar manner.
Life coaching offers a potentially rewarding additional or alternative career to people from all backgrounds.

Being self-employed and running a Life Coach business has its advantages such as being free to choose the hours you work, where you work and how much to charge for your services is a huge motivation for anyone considering going into business.
And there are limited overheads involved – working from home is a big incentive for people who want to enter the coaching profession.

But there are important disciplines you require to learn and apply if you are going to improve your chances of making a commercial success of your business.
Disciplines such as finance and budgeting but importantly –how to market your business. Assuming you have sufficient confidence that you can prosper as a businessman, you still require to meticulously plan for your enterprise by addressing some of the basic business concerns such as:

Who are your ideal clients that are the best fit for my interests and experience and what level of fees shall I charge?

How long and how much investment finance will it require before the business becomes profitable?

Who are the main competition and how do you plan to engage with them?

What is your niche market or competitive advantage or why should your clients choose you?

How do you market your services to the largest numbers of potential clients cost effectively and get your name well known in profession?

What support do you need to master all the business competencies and keep you disciplined when you experience difficult trading conditions?

It is a fact of life that running a life coach business requires selling coaching services and that can be difficult. And unfortunately most of the training courses do not do a good job of equipping potential coaches with the business / marketing skills they need to recruit clients in viable numbers to run a business.
A lot of very good coaches are stuck in the dilemma of providing a service that is highly valued by people that experience it, and yet the coaches themselves struggle to find enough clients.

Pause for a moment and reflect that coaching is a relatively new profession. Most people in the street will not know what it is or does regarding what the benefits of coaching are.
Would you buy something that you didn’t understand? Not likely.
So unless you have unlimited time and a large advertising budget, running ads, sending out announcements, simple networking, then many of the conventional ways of promotion are relatively ineffective.

Here’s an important lesson. Someone receiving a very good coaching experience will sell your coaching for you.
When you are building your Life coach business you will learn that it is ‘word of mouth’ from fulfilled and satisfied clients who will happily recommend your services to other people who may have an interest in the topic but may require assurances.
So the aftercare service of your coaching school fulfils the function of continuous looking after your clients but also serves as a potential recruiting sergeant for the future.

Life coaching is a new and admirable profession that has the power to really help people. And the market for coaching is very large and growing but you can’t succeed in the coaching business by simply being a good coach.
You have to get out there, think creatively about how to market to the highest number of people possible.
Be professional and always look to add genuine value to the clients experience and the client will act as your recruitment foot soldier.
Find the support you need to be great and strive to continue to develop as a coach and your business is likely to accumulate enough good word of mouth publicity to thrive and prosper in the future.

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April 27, 2010

Life Coaching Certification

Life coaching certification courses are increasingly being viewed by individuals as an ideal educational platform to launch a change of direction in their lives whether on a personal level or as an important learning aid to rigorously evaluating their current lifestyle and then making the appropriate changes with respect to work and career achievement.
The discipline of pursuing a certified course of education often ensures that these important decisions can be properly analysed and given the correct amount of consideration.

But type in Life coaching certification on Google and you will discover a multitude of organisations  offering a coaching service to the public. Depending on your level of familiarity with the subject – the choices may be quite confusing with so many different variations on the basic service being offered.
So before embarking on a course of study you should carefully envisage the qualification within your existing educational portfolio and then make a measured final decision based on its natural fit within it after thoroughly checking the credibility of the certification and validation procedures of the provider.

One such course which fulfils all the above criteria with regard to credibility is the Diploma in Life Coaching run by the Positive Success Group Scotland whose course is approved , accredited and validated by the Institute of Leadership & Management  ( ILM ).
The accreditation body is committed to a rigorous National Occupational standard  as appropriate to the group award scheme and the delivery of the course providers therefore the participants can be reassured that they are receiving an excellent qualification and fully respected identifiable professional recognition.
And every learner taking the Life Coach certification Diploma course receives continuing student support in the form of studying membership of both the Association of Coaches ( AC ) and the ILM.
This service is provided free of charge and provides each learner with a variety of qualification support, from reading lists and study guides to regular feedback on Life Coaching sector updates, helping the participants realise the extensive benefits from their PSG diploma course.

We fully understand  that selecting the correct life coaching certification programme is a difficult decision. There are a sizeable number of courses being offered in this expanding market but at present, no industry-wide validating body to formally set standards and set guarantees on consistency of product and quality.
We at the Positive Success Group Scotland are fully committed to remedying this situation working in tandem with other practitioners of long standing throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland to develop the highest possible standards for the coaching industry with an ethical code to guarantee quality of provision.
We are confident that our Life Coaching Certification diploma programmes contain all the important key elements which in future will be seen not only as robust and rigorous but also as delivering industry-wide best practice in our profession.

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April 22, 2010

Executive Coaching Training

The demand for Executive coaching training continues to grow and this expansion will continue apace because in this modern world –  it does its job and works. In recent years a large number of companies in the UK have adopted coaching at some level to develop their staff and improve levels of managerial leadership.

The Positive Success Group deliver courses in Executive coaching training that offer a diverse range of methods in which an individual can reach a sufficient professional level of expertise so that they are able to confidently impart knowledge to other managers thereby allowing them to coach successfully as part of their work to develop staff within the organization.

There are, then, several alternative ways and methods to build upon an otherwise successful career within organization. This could involve working within businesses to achieve performance or staffing outcomes ranging from sales performance, succession management, management of change and team coaching.
A qualified Executive Coach meanwhile will be working with senior managers and executives concentrating on personal performance and leadership issues. This will often focus on the individuals mental attributes and state rather than being restricted just to completion of tasks.

At this level of seniority – the focus will often be on strategic direction and the ability of the leaders and executives to motivate and engage with other senior figures and the PSG course will teach methodology and encourage detailed planning to assist the process.

The following check-list is a useful tool for clarifying the issues and allows for analysis of style and content of the senior levels of management progressing with their careers:

Preparation for Company Department

What are my strengths in my current role?

What could improvements be made?

Where and in what roles do I see my future?

What new knowledge and Skills will I require?

What level of support might I need from senior colleagues?

What difficulties or problems can I envisage?

What level of resources are available to my department?

What development plans do we need?

Planning and Professional Development

What Professional activities should I undertake?

Courses and conferences should I attend?

What levels of seniority and power can I realistically achieve?

Achievement and recognition within the Organisation?

Promotion to higher levels of authority?

Professional achievement in terms development and qualifications?

What level of Community and Political contribution can I make ?

The adoption of executive training courses has concentrated development on  relatively senior levels of staff within organisations and the PSG course offers a unique perspective on the participants career movements over time and then allows a projection of a desired future state. This method of biographical perspective often producing a rejuvenation in a career that otherwise may have easing to a conclusion. Such is the power of coaching.

April 19, 2010

Business Coach Training:

Business Coach training is fast becoming an established part of the way many successful Organisations are designing their training and development programs.

The Business Coach training concept, is increasingly being seen as an essential tool of management training and an important aid in getting the best out of available resources.
The fact that  departmental managers already possessing significant job descriptions, are happily taking on the additional responsibilities of adopting  business coach training to then download knowledge and expertise to their subordinates, clearly demonstrates the increasing respect being given to the sector.

Enlightened modern managers should as a matter of course be employing business coach training techniques to help ensure their staff perform at their very best. But before the employees are open to coaching, they ideally be given an explanation to understand fully just why there is a need to continually improve their performance.
That is the challenge.
That there is the need for continuous improvement in all organisations may be self evident to senior staff but requires reiteration at lower levels.

Secondly, the staff member needs to believe, requires reassurances that they are wholly able to cope with continual change and improvement and have the specifics outlined in a non threatening manner.
That is the confidence factor.

Business coaching involves not only the ‘how to do it ‘part of the equation but also involves conveying to their staff that new outlooks are extremely important. Coaching does not always involve adding new skills.
It is often about establishing between high and low priorities and sensibly separating the small causes of underlying problems so that their people’s minds are uncluttered by elements that cause doubts and procrastranation.

This is why the important aspect of business coach training should involve a free flowing feedback process. Before starting this exercise, the manager / coach need to spend time observing the employees current performance with respect to the following.
What is the quality and quantity of the work?
What are his/her top priorities?
What knowledge and skills does the person possess?
What is the current level of motivation?

So the manager should use this opportunity to

  • Describe current performance from the line managers perspective but start by building on strengths already apparent
  • Explain the business consequences of below average performance. Late deliveries, upset customers? Poor quality service? More unhappy people, disgruntled employees? It is very important to understand the full consequences of poor performance.
  • Make good use of feedback sessions — times when their people are most receptive to learning and understanding.
  • Demonstrate to the individual employee what good / very good performance looks like and gain employee commitment to aim for that goal.
  • Make or discuss specific suggestions on how to improve and the timescales involved and concentrate on one or two realisable improvement opportunities.

The best business coach training techniques are effective because they are multi faceted and demonstrate what to do, they provide feedback, and ask pertinent questions.
A good manager should believe in people’s potential to improve and they should help employees concentrate and define what exactly is important, gain new skills, and eliminate the elements that do not have an intrinsic value to the job in hand.

Using the appropriate business coaching styles also assists greatly in assisting employees become more responsible for examining their own performance levels and how they impact on the team effort of the company.
There is plenty of empirical evidence that employing such micro techniques has proved extremely effective for companies in improving their macro performance while simultaneously giving both managers and their staff a much greater level of job satisfaction and fulfilment.
So is Business Coach training right for you?

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April 6, 2010

Life Coach course:

Life coach course ?
What does a life coach course entail and what will I learn from it ?
Will it suit me and am I ready ?
By simply asking yourself those awkward questions an individual is taking a big step forward to making changes in their life.
A cautious personality may very well pause, and may need to address further considerations  such as

Who or what is really stopping me ?

If I am going to wait again –when will be exactly the right time ?

Who do I really know that I can trust, to talk about what I want to achieve ?

What could I do today to help me in my nagging desire to achieve more ?

Will the Life coach course  provide just the impetus I may need ?

What would I really like to achieve outside of work and who can help ?
But once decided — taking a Life coach course of learning will very quickly provide clients with feedback, new insights, and understanding from an outside vantage point.

The profession of coaching is sometimes mistakenly compared to counselling or even therapy. There are a few common elements on the fringes maybe but the difference is that coaching is an on-going equal partnership with the client built on going forward – and taking action. Such as the client

  • Getting more done than they would on their own
  • Weighing up options quickly – and getting decisions made
  • Taking a more positive attitude to getting things done
  • Reducing the self doubting within him/herself
  • Creating momentum and consistency
  • Focussing  their actions on the main things to get done

A life coach course is starting soon that embodies all of the above is the accredited Diploma in Life and Executive coaching  being offered by an organisation called the Positive Success Group Scotland and is set to start in the spring of this year.

The PSG  life coach course will contain seminar guidance that will be of great assistance when a person wants to make definitive decisions on things such as career transition, starting a new business, pause and reflect on current lifestyle choices, or simply looking for personal and professional improvements.
If you are an individual open to change and transition – your potential to improve is limitless.

Who would a life coach course most suit ? Could be anybody in fact. It may be people who want to self coach, leaders, entrepreneurs, trainers, counsellors, parents, retired folk looking for a new lease of life.
Anyone who has the required energy and fully understands  the need for continuing education and self development.

Why do people take a life coach course or hire a personal coach ? Because they want to improve their behaviours that lead to better outcomes for themselves and their families.
They want to learn new and flexible ways of thinking, develop new ways of approaching situations, new ways of analysing events in order to get better results for themselves.

They desire self improvement in being more organised and effective at work, gaining confidence in previously stressful situations, or they simply wish to relate and interact effectively in their relationships and interactions with other people.
Do you think you’re worth that investment ? Then contact Posus now!

April 2, 2010

Executive Coach Training

Executive Coach Training has emerged as a management tool of some substance over the last few years with senior staff from all manner of professions readily adopting the term as an adjunct to their main appointment job title.
The additional appendage of  “Coaching Manager” is becoming a common feature of Company brochures and Integration trees.
It can only be a matter of time before the term becomes a commonly generic job title in its own right in the appointments pages of Management Journals and the like.

Are you seriously thinking about a change of direction in your career or maybe just pondering on how to skip a few rungs on the internal promotions ladder ?

Are you a line manager who is being encouraged to play a role in the learning and development of their front line staff but are unsure of the relevant sources of information to tailor and focus the learning into a useful exercise for the whole team ? Or are you simply looking at different options that could broaden your role in the firm and expand your current job specification ?
Well , the above executive coaching discipline is being offered as part of a Executive coaching Diploma being put put forward by an organisation called the Positive Success Group Scotland and is set to start in the spring of this year.

Executive coach training will be one element of a twin track approach adopted which will include  the business side of improving performance but will also be matched up with the softer skills side of modern Management techniques.
But the design and purpose of that part of the syllabus will lean towards those already established in a career  ( perhaps business consultancy ) but wish to broaden their skill base without necessarily abandoning their current Income streams. In other words–adding another string to their bow.
But for the purposes of this narrative we shall concentrate on the business side of the Course.

The Benefits of Executive Coach Training –

Study effective coaching skills techniques and positively interact in a professional and effective manner with outside organisations

Study the techniques involved in supporting and developing line managers ( or similar grade ) to fully understand and really develop their skills as an internal coach

Study and implement the processes involved in Organisational Change and holding Company Brand audits

Discover ways to improve communications with the firms clients while utilising and developing abilities to goal set

Managing smaller Projects – A practical Approach

Equipping the internal Coach with the right skills and business knowledge to make a real impact at ground level

Study the different Leadership and Management styles involved when changing the vision of an Organisation

One of the concluding parts of the course is a ‘Business Planning ant transferring skills for the Self Employed’ seminar. This is a rigorous section in its own merit and moves the student through the processes of a constructing a viable business plan for raising finance, website design and marketing techniques to ensure their skills are successfully positioned in the market place. In other words , how to get noticed.
That section of the course is particularly interesting for those who have the ambition to start their own coaching practice.

Undergoing executive coach training and successfully gaining a professional qualification in that discipline is increasingly being seen as an important aid to promotion and increased earning potential.
The Positive Success Group life and executive coach course we provide in Scotland, is geared for and aims to do just that for its participants.

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