April 22, 2010

Executive Coaching Training

The demand for Executive coaching training continues to grow and this expansion will continue apace because in this modern world –  it does its job and works. In recent years a large number of companies in the UK have adopted coaching at some level to develop their staff and improve levels of managerial leadership.

The Positive Success Group deliver courses in Executive coaching training that offer a diverse range of methods in which an individual can reach a sufficient professional level of expertise so that they are able to confidently impart knowledge to other managers thereby allowing them to coach successfully as part of their work to develop staff within the organization.

There are, then, several alternative ways and methods to build upon an otherwise successful career within organization. This could involve working within businesses to achieve performance or staffing outcomes ranging from sales performance, succession management, management of change and team coaching.
A qualified Executive Coach meanwhile will be working with senior managers and executives concentrating on personal performance and leadership issues. This will often focus on the individuals mental attributes and state rather than being restricted just to completion of tasks.

At this level of seniority – the focus will often be on strategic direction and the ability of the leaders and executives to motivate and engage with other senior figures and the PSG course will teach methodology and encourage detailed planning to assist the process.

The following check-list is a useful tool for clarifying the issues and allows for analysis of style and content of the senior levels of management progressing with their careers:

Preparation for Company Department

What are my strengths in my current role?

What could improvements be made?

Where and in what roles do I see my future?

What new knowledge and Skills will I require?

What level of support might I need from senior colleagues?

What difficulties or problems can I envisage?

What level of resources are available to my department?

What development plans do we need?

Planning and Professional Development

What Professional activities should I undertake?

Courses and conferences should I attend?

What levels of seniority and power can I realistically achieve?

Achievement and recognition within the Organisation?

Promotion to higher levels of authority?

Professional achievement in terms development and qualifications?

What level of Community and Political contribution can I make ?

The adoption of executive training courses has concentrated development on  relatively senior levels of staff within organisations and the PSG course offers a unique perspective on the participants career movements over time and then allows a projection of a desired future state. This method of biographical perspective often producing a rejuvenation in a career that otherwise may have easing to a conclusion. Such is the power of coaching.

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