July 20, 2010

Life Coaching Colleges

Life coaching colleges are another option if you are seeking an industry recognised qualification before going on to practise as a coach.
But selecting the correct programme can be a difficult decision as there is a large and varied amount of choice on the market –some colleges offer home study, online coaching courses, hybrids of distance learning and classroom study or fulltime face-to-face lecture hall  attendance. All of which must present a slightly confusing picture for people choosing from this array of providers and accrediting bodies.

So it is important that Life coaching colleges offer the highest standards for both coach practitioners and training course providers and operate with the highest ethical standards giving peace of mind to those people looking to hire a coach or invest in their own coach training for the first time.
But some students will already have considerable experience of life coaching and just wish to study in order to be certificated by any means so there are different markets to satisfy.

There are life coaching colleges which have come on the market recently which offer inexpensive, self-contained, self-study diplomas and certificates in life coaching to satisfy that market.
But there are so many training courses accredited in different ways so an element of caution is required even when the term ‘college’ appears in the marketing material as the above method of distance learning is not suitable for every type of learner and that is one reason that our PSG Diploma in Life coaching was structured in such a way as to incorporate all the best elements of each type of study.
Yes, the diploma covers the necessary theoretical aspects of coach education but also recognises that theory alone cannot produce a first class coach.

As Life Coaching is essentially a practical activity – it follows that a balanced course of training must be grounded in sound practical experience with role play as an essential component.
This is why PSG concentrate on the practice/feedback model of coach development with respect to work-based assignments with proper regard for evidence requirements.
The PSG course will develop your own coaching strengths and show you how this can be implemented into your training and then furthermore into the actuality of  practicing as a coach.

We have ensured the syllabus topics are carefully mapped to international coaching occupational standards – standards which have been carefully developed in consultation with employers and accreditation bodies – thereby ensuring the Diploma qualification is suited to the requirements of the business world as well as servicing the needs of the individual client private market.

July 6, 2010

Life Coach Certification

Life coach certification? Become a qualified life coach and join one of the fastest growing professions in the UK!  Well that is what the Ads say anyway but who would actually benefit from acquiring a Life coach certification qualifications?
Well, they are intended primarily for individuals who wish to make the formal transition to coaching as an additional or new profession.

Life coach certification therefore will be beneficial for those whose everyday job puts them in contact with people but who would not think or consider calling themselves coaches; people such as human resources managers, advisors, NLP practitioners, counsellors and mediators, mentors and others including senior managers of small businesses who may wish to inspire and coach their colleagues and staff towards success.
These types of people are already realizing that their current professional activities already involve coaching and want to work permanently in an environment where people wish to change their lives positively.

Life coach certification  was needed, because “coaching” began as a helping activity, that was initially unregulated. Many training courses became accredited in different ways so it is important when considering Life coach certification in Scotland – that the learner should confirm that the provider is committed  to a National Occupational standard.
The PSG  Diploma Scotland in Life and Executive coaching certification more than fulfils that basic criteria, in that it is a nationally recognised Life coach certification qualification and is accredited by bodies such as the Institute of Leadership and Management, (Scotland) and FETAC (Ireland).
Every student taking the Life coach certification Diploma course receives learner support in the form of studying membership of both Association for Coaching (AC) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), who helpfully provide each learner with a strong library of qualification support, from reading lists and study guides to regular feedback on Coaching sector news developments and job opportunities.

Life coaching or Life coach certification are not regulated in the Scotland nor is it likely to be in the near future primarily because coaching is not defined as a medical or therapeutic profession. Any responsible person can set up as a life coach and indeed many therapists and counsellors, former business managers and others have already done so. Nevertheless, Life coach certification is an increasingly important constituent in a private practioners toolbox in order to attract clients and demonstrate that you have a coaching knowledge base.

From a potential employers perspective – Life coaching certification bestows an important accreditation which enhances a CV and informs them that the job candidate has embarked and successfully completed a rigorous course of study which qualifies them to interact, coach and train people within all types of organisations.

March 26, 2010

Coaching certification

Coaching certification : What to take into account when choosing a  Coaching  course to enhance your CV

Coaching certification? You may have come across the term on the training options lists sent down by the Human Resource department each month for managers to consider for their staff.
Or you may have seen advertisements in personnel journals listing the benefits of completing a course of studies.

Your first instinct will be to try and place it within your existing training portfolio and make preliminary investigation of the qualifications framework and the validation process of the awarding body.

That is why we recommend that when considering coaching certification that you or your company thoroughly investigate that the provider is aligned to a National Occupation standard or other Professional body standards as appropriate to the group award schemes.
Also satisfy yourself that the accreditation has a portability that allows for   international recognition abroad as well as in Great Britain such as LBCAI, AC and/or ICF and the ILM.

We are proud to say that PSG Diploma in Life and Executive coaching certification robustly fulfils that basic criteria in that it is a nationally recognised qualification by FETAC and transfers its portability to the equivalent of a SQA Level 5 in Scotland and fully satisfies the membership criteria of the UK wide Association of Coaching ( AC ) in its length of syllabus learning, validation and quality assurance systems.

Obtaining coaching certification can be achieved in several ways but for the  person with a modern busy lifestyle, it could be a preference to chose a part time class room style mode of learning.
Developing your practitioner skills in the company of similarly well qualified individuals from similar type organisations  will be an environment of stimulating exchange of ideas and practises as you progress  through the syllabus over 7 weekends and 3 evenings as your knowledge base prospers from the modern and enlightened design principles of the Diploma in coaching.

Coaching certification will give you the important accreditation which enhances your CV and employment prospects and informs a potential employer / sponsor / lender that you have embarked and completed a rigorous Personal development course of study which qualifies you to professionally educate, advise and interact with people within all types of organisations.
It will underline and underpin your professional approach to both your personal and business life.

March 8, 2010

Life coach courses

Life coach courses are primarily for individuals who feel the time has come for them to step forward and create a successful future for themselves.
All manner of things may have prevented them from even asking the pointed questions about themselves and their position in the world  but by enlisting the assistance of a life coach – a positive and irreversible step has been taken.

The life coach is a practioner highly skilled in helping people to envisage the possibility of making radical improvements in their lives. If your life is comfortable , but you want it to be challenging, coaching is for you!

But what do life coach courses provide for the client ? Firstly, they are not psychoanalyst sessions, they are more than a consultancy. They are more than a friendly voice to give advice at a difficult time although undoubtedly they will contain time for you to air concerns and problems.
Your Life Coach is a skilled expert, fully qualified, experienced and ready to assist their clients in releasing the full capabilities of the individual.

What are you capable of at the moment ?
We think you’ll be even better with a coach !

How will attending life coach courses achieve the above ?  The practioner will partner with you in clearly outlining what YOU want, ask the powerful questions that enable you think clearly as regards important issues,  get to the core of your value system, encouraging you to take action thereby helping you to achieve measurable success.
Whether you want assistance in achieving a specific goal, settle on a satisfying career direction, or energising your  whole environment, a Life Coach can help you be better at doing those things.

Life coach courses are specifically designed as to give clients an action–orientated partnership enabling a release of the energy and potential that lies within all of us.
You’ve been subconsciously working below your potential – it’s time to unleash the amount you’ve been holding in reserve.

February 25, 2010

Life coach certificate

The life coach certificate is in your possession so exactly what area of coaching do you concentrate on after you have successfully completed the Accredited Diploma?  You are now qualified to take your coaching skills into the outside world and professionally work with and help your clients achieve their goals in both their personal and professional lives. It will be very much an exciting voyage of discovery for yourself as an aspiring practitioner.

You will become conversant with the many areas with which a Life coach is able to provide a service to their clients – not only with their business skill-sets but also with supporting the clients personal aspirations and desire for change within their own lifestyle.

Acquiring the life coach certificate is only the start. You will undoubtedly gain practical experience as you practise and acquire and then transmit a library of knowledge to your future clients in an informative manner. But you will realise that to be an effective as a coach you must ask the pertinent questions that allows the client to find solutions by using their own thought processes. We are not looking for answers – we are seeking to improve the quality of thinking from the coachee which should manifest then itself in increasing the quality of both their actions and decisions.

So look forward to using your life coach certificate to launch your coaching career with confidence, relish the challenges ahead and prepare to learn a great deal about yourself as you marvel at your ability to equip people with the ways and means of moving forward more confidently and positively.  Job satisfaction at its best.

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